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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Planning for the Black Tie Affair in Washington DC

So, there are close to two weeks left before my final evening gown needs to be complete for my trip to BERNINA University. 
There is a different theme for each year, which typically coorespondes with the location. Last year it was "Country Black Tie", and many of you know that I wore a silk and tulle dress with authentic cowboy boots that I found at a local shop in San Antonio. 

I paired with with turquoise jewelry, and ofcourse a pink bag with turquoise and pink swarovski crystals.  Hmmm.... where did that bag go?

This was my outfit (minus the handbag) last year.  Hey, no regrets... I wish I had an actual pic of me at the event, assuming it would have been a better picture... but, lets move on... shall we?

This year, I am so excited! The Red Carpet Theme fits right in to what I love and why I sew.  So I scatter around with fabrics, and patterns, and making my muslin... and in my mind I am racing for all of these projects I want to bring to life... and when I will have the chance to make them. 

JoAnn Fabrics had a $3 Vogue pattern sale last weekend, so I grabbed this pattern.  Very Easy Very Vogue 8742.  At first, I was thinking that I would make this dress (with the changes I have in mind) with the Gold and Peach Valentino Silk.
But... then I made the muslin.  The gathers on the two side panels add a lot of body to the fabric.  I think this Valentino painted silk will be too heavy and will not happily go into a gather... so... the process continues.  Did I mention I am making this a fishtail dress?  Oh, it is going to be so beautiful! I often threaten my clients that I may start to wear these gowns when I come to meet them, if I don't find I have enough events to keep up with the wardrobe I am designing...

Lesson learned! Thank goodness for good habits of making a muslin!

This is a silk velveteen stretch houndstooth that I have in my stash... I considered it, since it hasn't told me what it wants to be ... (yet.)  But, I think that a print like this needs to be visible.  So, it goes back into the stash.
 Meanwhile, I revisited this fab vintage alligator handbag with gold clasps.  I love this bag,... it inspires me to go tailored.

And, in the meanwhile... my young student completed her Froo Froo Couture tutu.  She has been begging me to teach her, and after 2 years of working together, she now has a new found respect for what is involved in a seemingly easy design... which I have transformed to be full (much like that of the classic tutu's minus the boning).... and the colors she picked turned out so beautifully. 

So that is my week in a nutshell.... I must get back to my muslin... I have a lot to do while I still determine the fabric!...  I am attempting to make it strapless, and then adding the fishtail down the back. 
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