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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marilyn Bag

This is the Amy Butler Swing bag pattern, which is one of my favorite bags to make! Actually i have made so many of these i needed to spice it up a little bit.

Im a sucker for a bow, and contrasting prints and polka dots... So i decided to make this a tribute bag to one of my favorite icons in this feminine combo of pink and gray.

The supplies needed for this bag include a cotton twill (home dec weight). I think this is a nice trick to adding weight and stability to the bag so that it isnt so flimsy. It also prevents warping when it is washed. This is a great solution, but is not mandatory. You could also use firm interfacing, or nothing at all. Whatever you decide to use will dtermine the feel and weight of the bag.

I recommend trying all styles for bags while you are practicing this pattern. After all they make fabulous gifts!


This was a photo I found of her that i manually digitized in my Bernina Version 6 design software. This digitizing software is the best, in my opinion because it takes the mystery out of vector drawings and is so easy to edit one stitch at a time. Im so please with the way it turned out!
This project has opened a world of creativity to me... In thinking of embroidery as much more than a canned design.

Nobody else will have a bag like this! How super exclusive of me... I love it!
I think i need Audrey next...

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