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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Define Your Style

1. Know YOUR character

With the right clothing, and a little inspiration decide who you want to be for the day.  Do you want to be serious or light hearted? Flirty or tailored?  Your personal style should express on the outside, who we are on the inside.  Challenge yourself to try something new on, next time you find yourself in the mall.  You never know where it might lead.  Clothing is often misrepresented on the hanger.
Don't judge it! Try it on! :)

2.Know YOUR shape

Know thy measurements... and love them!  I do not know a single woman who doesn't believe they have 5-10lbs to lose, or some sort of change they would like to make.  No two shapes are exactly the same, and thank goodness for that.  Don't wait for that change to start feeling good!   Learning to dress for your shape will hide our least favorite features, and excentuate the features we like.    Try standing infront of the mirror and admire your best assets out loud.  Do you love the contours of your hips?  Say it!  Do you love your bare shoulders?  Say it!
3. Brand YOURself

Your signature style, much like the way you sign your name is one way to quickly establish your presence.  Maybe you love wearing green, and find a way to put it in your ensemble every day.  Perhaps you love big chunky accessories, red lipstick, or Brigitte Bardot "cat eyes"...  Whatever it may be, make sure you LOVE it, and that you are consistent with it.  My signature style always includes my Pearl Necklace.  I feel naked without it, I wear it to the gym, to sleep and everywhere else.
My family and friends might tell you that I need to join a Handbags Anonymous group... but I will tell you that I am so inspired by Handbags, and specifically the combination of metal with textiles.  This bag inspires an interesting collection of colors, mixing pewter and gold with bright orange, and red.  When I am designing a room, or deciding what I am going to wear... or purchase I always look to textiles, accessories, or prints for inspiration.  The perfect bag will always put you together!  Word to the wise,... if you are in the habit of carrying a large handbag like this, make sure you mind your posture!  Don't let your bag, turn you into a bag lady down the road!

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