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Friday, May 24, 2013

the secret life of skirts -wardrobe versatility

Speaking of Spring... How about this Boutique skirt...?

Disguised as one skirt this is actually two! The skirt on the top is a pleated skirt made of Liberty of London tana lawn. Don't you love this print!? I feel so fabulous in this skirt, but the secret to the fullness is the boutique skirt underneath. To make this you will need the following


- The Tailors Daughter Boutique Skirt pattern
- Fabric Kit or your own fabric that is appropriate
- matching thread and bobbin
- Bernina sewing machine
- BERNINA Presser foot #86 The Ruffler Foot
- BERNINA Presser foot #35 Invisible Zipper Foot

- Complete Kit $50
Includes fabric & pattern
Limited quantity fabric available

This skirt is so versatile. Its great for a lunch meeting or a summertime game of heavily competitive mini golf.. I wear these under dresses, skirts,or on their own with a slip... Or sometimes as a slip. Here are a couple of different versions i have made while making this pattern for you! I dyed these pieces to get the different color options. Click here to see how!

If you are an advanced seamstress that knows how to sew, here are the advanced instructions. For the pattern you can copy a yoke pattern that is your size.

1. First gather the selvage edge of the trim. Gather with the 3 seam method, or use your Bernina Ruffler Foot. For this one, the Ruffler foot was used with a 3mm-3.3 mm stitch legnth and the Ruffler set to ruffle at every stitch.

2. Next cut your yoke pieces out of the desired fabric.

3. Now sew left side seam of yoke... Attaching front yoke to back yoke.
Repeat this for yoke lining.

4. Pin yoke and trim right sides together at raw edges of skirt. Sew this seam at 2.2mm stitch legnth and be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

5. Next attach the invisible zipper using the 2 seam method with BERNINA Presser Foot #35.

6. Pin yoke lining right sides together at outer yo Sew. 7. Press seam opss seam open and then press lining to the back.

8. Handstitch yoke lining at zipper and voila!

A beautiful boutique skirt / pettiskirt valued at $300+, at a fract price... Plus yours is custom! custom!

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